Study Material for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Prasar Bharti, FCI Exams : Idioms and Phrases (MCQ)

Idioms and Phrases (MCQ )

 Directions (Q. No. 1- 5): Select the meaning of the bold Idiom or phrase from the given alternatives.  

1. In the organised society of today no individual or nation can plough a lonely furrow.
(a) remain unaffected
(b) do without the help of others
(c) survive in isolation
(d) remain non-aligned

2. To flog a dead horse
(a) to do interesting things
(b) to try to take work from a weak horse
(c) to beat a horse that is dead
(d) to revive interest in a subject which is out of date

3. To bait the hook to suit the fish
(a) to look at things from other person's point of veiw
(b) to catch fish by providing suitable food
(c) to do things to please others
(d) to prepare a box to pack the fish

4. Bed of roses
(a) very soft bed
(b) dull life
(c) belong to
(d) full of joys

5. Black and blue
(a) painting
(b) severely
(c) together
(d) intermix 


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